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Letter 43 - July 31, (1919)

S.S Teutonic, British Army Transport

Dear Family,-

After a very interesting trip we are due at Marseilles tomorrow noon. Saturday morning we left Port Said – L.D.B., Mr. DeHass, Mr. Zimmerman of the British Foreign Office and a political science teacher and writer of some note, Dr. F., Szold and myself. We have had meetings morning and afternoon everyday underway, except yesterday, when we were at Malta, an island just south of Sicily.

These meetings were for the purpose of discussing, all features of our work and planning what would be recommended in Europe.

We will proceed directly to Paris, remain there a day or two and then go to London. An “Inner Actions Committee” meeting is proposed to be held within two weeks most likely at The Hague. Then we’ll return to America as soon as possible.

We are all well and enjoying the trip in spite of living in rotten cramped quarters – 4 of us are in one cabin. The boat is filled with officers and soldiers en route home to be demobilized.

Forgive brevity – I’m rather tired – having taken notes of the meeting all day. Some poor Zionist office stenog. is going to have a solid day’s work typing my 40 odd pages of notes!

Lots of love and kisses,


Congratulation to your birthday, Bing!

Lewin-Epstein sends his regards, Uncle.

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