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Letter 2 - January 29, (1919)

Holland-America Line, Rotterdam - S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam

Dear Family,-

Altho you were very insistent on the fact you wanted me to keep a diary I’ve been trying it and don’t like the idea. In the first place it’s a colorless, monotonous job to daily record what you do and think, and it rarely proves to be sincere. Secondly, it usually turns out to be a characterless pamphlet and makes dry reading. So in addition to my weekly cable I am going to write letters- full letters- which you can have transcribed in book form and will answer the same purpose as a diary much more satisfactorily.

The trip has been a fine one. Dr. Rubinow and Mr. Szold are both most brainy and interesting men. Miss Shapiro has been trying to teach some of us Hebrew. In addition the large crowd of YMCA entertainers have afforded me, at least, ample amusement. They are all vaudeville performers and very poor ones at that for the most part. And in addition to these there are a few quite attractive girls all of whom serve to keep me well entertained most of the time.

Except for the first day out the trip has proved an unusually calm one- the boat hardly rolls and vibrates not at all. Everybody is well and happy. Last night we had a dance which was a huge success. I met a very nice girl- American born- who married an Englishman who has just returned from France. She is returning home and invited me to visit them if we are in London long enough.

This machine is much too small for my fingers, so until I get used to it my writing will not be perfect. However, Dr. F. promises me enough work to give me good practise when once we start work in earnest.

Lots of love to all,


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