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Letter 3 - January 30, (1919)

Holland-America Line, Rotterdam - S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam

Dear Family,

We have had an unusually calm trip and will arrive at Falmouth late Saturday evening and will disembark early Sunday morn. Last night our theatrical folk gave a Benefit for the Belgian Orphans or something. My sympathy is certainly with the poor boys in France who are to be afflicted with the sort of stuff most of this crowd has to offer.

I’ve been doing considerable work studying what’s going to be done when we arrive in Palestine. Dr. Friedenwald’s mission is of course one of general investigation. But specifically, in conjunction with Dr. Rubinow, he is planning to organize and socialize the medical facilities. They plan to develop a central medical institution with its governing board which will cover the whole country. The plan to give equally good treatment to all regardless of social status or wealth. And eventually they hope to make this a state institution, with salaries paid by tax etc. As the people are very poor and the doctors make very little at best it should be comparatively easy to carry out.

The chances are we will be in London very little over a week. The first thing we will do is plan the remainder of our travels,- that is, if my French visa awaits me. Then there is some sort of meeting to occupy us for a short time. Then we hope to leave by the shortest possible route via France, Italy, Egypt into Palestine. The chances are we will not even stop in Paris, much to my regret.

This is truly a lazy life we’re leading. We all lay in bed mornings and read until about eleven; then we arise take baths etc., stroll around the deck, eat, talk, read, drink tea, and soon dinner is ready,- and we usually retire early.

I broke the lock to my trunk, which I will have fixed when we get to London.

Love and kisses,


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