Saturday, 22 March 2008

Letter 12 - February 21, (1919)

S.S. Kashgar

Dear Family,-

Tomorrow we arrive at Port Said and we’ll be in Jerusalem Sunday. This Mediterranean trip has been most restful. There is nobody aboard except a small crowd of elderly Red Cross doctors and nurses, who have their bridge games during the day and retire early.

The ocean is calm, the boat feels as tho we were docked, the air is mild, the water richly blue, and at night the waters glisten with the rays of a big bright moon. Our cabins are on the top deck, the choicest aboard, and we have Hindoos as stewards. They awaken us in the morning to place a cup of tea and some crackers next to our beds. Later they arouse us again for our baths, and the breakfast is ready.

We have been holding several conferences as to what specifically each will accomplish upon our arrival. Dr. Rubinow will be the active executive of the medical unit. Mr. Robison is going to investigate the commercial possibilities and the economic condition. Mr Szold is going to be the diplomatic or political representative where necessary, and Dr. F. is going as general all-around advisor and helper.

It is a strange coincidence that we will arrive there just one month to the date after our leaving New York.

Lots of love,


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